A resume created on the blockchain creates a historical view, much like a credit score for your personal finances. Employers can download resumes during the selection and screening process in the form of an NFT, giving them insight into a candidate's work history and education. All relevant changes to a blockchain resume will be tracked and highlighted.

How it works

Resume Inc.'s product suite

True Resume

"True Resume" is an NFT resume stored on the blockchain containing historical views of edits. The Resume Inc. platform verifies and authenticates data for employers such as past employment history and job description. The platform employs artificial intelligence to assign a "Resume Score" based on several data points covering employment history, industry preference, resume revisions, and edits. This simultaneously improves the likelihood of a candidate being hired by an employer.

Candidates with True Resumes will also have the ability to sell their NFT resumes on markets such as OpenSea. Moreover, Resume Inc. is developing its own NFT marketplace that will connect employers directly to candidates, preventing unpaid access to candidates' personal data.

HR-Centric EdTech

Resume Inc. also provides a guided approach for job seekers to upgrade their skill sets through HR-centric EdTech. Exclusive content provided to job seekers includes podcasts hosted by senior corporate management and key employment providers. Additional educational material focuses on helping candidates to prepare quality resumes and cover letters, and how to nail a job interview.

Job-market centric Metaverse

Resume Inc. is also developing a job-centric Metaverse. The first phase entails bringing one of Canada's largest on-ground job fairs, which is held annually in Toronto, to the Metaverse in 2023. Attendees will have the option to physically visit the job fair or attend it virtually, opening up the event to the rest of the country.



Founder and CEO of Resume Inc. — The world's first blockchain resume builder
MBA, University of Cambridge and MPH, Yale University

With a computer science background, Nofel was the first to introduce technology for online recruitment in the Middle East jobs market. After amassing 12 million users and 15,000 companies since 2000, Nofel exited the firm in 2011.

The founder of several startups, Nofel's current startup ventures include AI and SaaS for blockchain integration in HR tech as the first blockchain resume and jobs solution, as well as research in health-care tech that could solve real-life problems using AR, VR and Metaverse projects.


CTO of Resume Inc.

A computer science major and leader in systems architecture and marketplaces for digital arts, Umer was awarded the "Most Innovative Use of Microsoft Technology" award by Microsoft in North America.

Umer is an expert in designing and developing large-scale systems for core banking solutions for facility management products, data analytics, reporting dashboards and modernized web apps for platform-agnostic mobile apps.

Umer's past experience in blockchain includes a multi-signature smart contract for a popular 3D social avatar platform, as well as a VCOIN ERC20 contract with Gnosis Multisig integration. He also worked on the Hublot FIFA 2020 ERC1155 contract for the celebration of Hublot's association with the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament.


Co-Founder of Resume Inc.
Chief Marketing Officer

As co-founder, Ayat empowers the developer relations/community management team to grow our addressable market for existing products and the overall ecosystem for blockchain SaaS solutions.

Ayat has three years of experience supporting and enabling brands and PR teams to create compelling and coherent narratives about companies and their products during the emergence of the decentralized web.

Ayat has helped several startups in the UCLA ecosystems with marketing strategies and growth hacks.


Co-Founder of Resume Inc.
Chief Product Officer
MBA, University of Cambridge

Anil is a versatile leader with experience spanning across business development, consulting and delivery of technology services. He has introduced and implemented Hyperledger technology — implementation of scalable blockchain platforms to enterprises ranging from major blue-chip companies to start-ups to transform their operations and align their business and digital strategy.

Anil has a strong understanding of the blockchain platforms and ability to conceptualize business strategies using blockchain applications such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Cardano, Crypto CDC, BTC, EGLD, VET; Blockchain/DLT in industry domains such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy and Utility.

Anil has experience with decentralized private and public blockchains and smart contracts that create a more engaging customer experience to boost multichannel digital revenue; providing a valuable opportunity to create a more direct, secure, and integrated digital ecosystem for customers; leveraging blockchain networks and shaping them to be the key aspect in creating value for customers that will emerge to become mainstream.


A solutions architect with 10+ years of experience primarily with Microsoft Technologies.

His core experience is with .Net development and expertise across different industries such as finance & accounting, retail distribution, freight logistics, health care, and oil & gas. Jahanzaib is an expert in backend databases and is experienced in designing and implementing database solutions. He has hands-on experience working with Azure cloud integrations, has five years of core experience working with project integration, and is an expert in analysis, design, architecture and improving data integrity.

Jahanzaib is a process-oriented individual with CMMI level 5 process awareness and practice with a master's degree in Big Data Management and Modelling.


A principal software engineer with eight years of experience working on large-scale projects on versatile technologies including Microsoft .NET, Native and Hybrid Mobile Development, Gaming (2D & 3D), DevOps, and Cloud Infrastructure.

Sajjad is experienced in design, development, implementation, and customization of web applications.

Past work experience includes domains of enterprise social networking, mobile games/apps, e-commerce, video, and image processing. He is an expert in writing smart contract development using Solidity, and an expert in DevOps and Cloud infrastructure ranging from on-premises to cloud infrastructure cluster deployments on Azure. He is highly conversant with product tracking on SCRUM methodology using JIRA, Trello, Readmine, Mentis.